A rotisserie restoration is when the car is completely disassembled and the body is taken off the frame. The body is then placed on a car rotisserie. Once balanced and raised to the proper height, it can be turned or rotated to show every space on the car. This makes it way easier to find and resolve issues, work faster.

What surprised me most is that the day "we" put the Camaro on the rotisserie, it was just Tony and me in the shop. And he did 90% of the work while I helped provide a few "hold this" and "balance that" maneuvers.

During this phase of the restoration, we completed additional minor body repair, resolving areas of rust which were not as apparent during the major metal-work, then went over the entire body with seam sealer, including the floor, bottom of the body, and in all the openings in the body which we did not close up. At the end of this process, you probably could have put the body into water and it would have floated!


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