New Frame

The impetus for the entire restoration was the Camaro's sub-frame. Upon inspection in 2018, we found many issues with the car really came back to the fact that the frame was warped from an accident that occured prior to my owning the car. Everything was shimmed to the bejesus, correcting one thing would put another out of whack.

The old frame had to go.

Enter the good folks at Street Rod Garage (SRG), who offers a complete Camaro sub-frame package which features:

  • Rack and pinion steering
  • QA1 high performance billet coilovers
  • 12" 4 piston Wilwood brakes
  • Engine mounts (which incidentally, we had to cut off), transmission mounts
  • Stabilizer bar
  • Kevlar lined high performance rod ends

Getting the sub-frame ready for the Camaro was a process, gladly with assistance from my friend, Matt Lee, shown in some of the photographs.

  1. Take pictures of the frame and completely dis-assemble
  2. Prime and paint the frame (black)
  3. Prime and paint the other elements (we painted some parts in red to add visual interest)
  4. Re-assemble the frame, referring to the photos from step (1) more times than you'd think!
  5. Place the car onto the frame and bolt it in

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