Leaf Springs

When we pulled the rear end off the Camaro, the leaf springs were thought to be suitable for the new application. So, we worked them over!

Part of the process included removing the factory-molded rubber gaskets. Pretty much the only way to get them out is to BURN them out, so hit them with the torch from both ends until they could be removed. Then cleaned, primed, painted and prepared them for re-installation.

Once we got them back on the car, the rear end and wheels went on. Little did we know the car's new height would be lower to the ground to the point that the leaf springs were too tall. We ended up going with 2" short leaf springs.

While my original leaf springs ended up not being used, they are in great shape and are part of the components I was able to re-sell on Craigslist. AND, we got to have the fun experience of using the torch! 😎


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