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What's up with this “Ride Along” thing?

Here’s [just about] everything you need to know, from how the Ride Along works to what you need to plan for the big event!


We will start by introducing you to my 1969 Camaro SS, going over the car’s history, features, specifications with Q&A. I love showing off all the work done on the car since I acquired it a few years ago!


Next we’ll go for a brief ride to a photo shoot at a pre-defined location (example, within nearby Minnehaha Falls park). We can work together to pick a spot which matches your personality and goals within the service area for your package.

Pro tip: If you live locally or have folks in the area who want to see the car, your family and friends are welcome to take pictures as well. While I’m not a professional photographer, I do have a decent eye and will do my best to compose the shots so you can impress your friends and family and have memories for years to come.

Pro tip: Make a checklist of shots including angles, backgrounds, action. The more specific your ideas are, the more photos we will take which “nail it”. 

To keep things on schedule, the photo shoot will be held rain or shine and kept to a duration of 15-20 minutes.

Let’s Ride!

After the photo shoot, we will complete a ride-along, traveling a pre-planned route. I have several to choose from and some packages allow you to design a custom route. 

Pro tip: Whatever route we take, we will include as many variations as feasible. Want a mix of quiet rolling hills, downtown city blocks, picturesque views of the river and downtown cityscape, the University of Minnesota? No problem. No matter the route you will have plenty of chances to “see and be seen” in this head-turning car!

The ride-along wraps up with a return back to where we started.

Ready to get started?

Included in all packages are high-resolution images or videos from the photo shoot, royalty free and without watermark. If posted on social media, I request you credit Classic Car Ride Alongs with a hashtag or @ mention.

Pro tip: I am eager to make this a memorable experience and want to cater the location, photos, and ride quality to your liking. The more we plan and communicate ahead of the big day, the more I can do to “nail it”.

Please keep in mind… Bring attire appropriate for a muscle car experience – the car can be noisy, engines can be messy, and fumes from exhaust can be noticeable.

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