1969 Camaro SS
383 Small Block

A beautiful hot rod with a history worth sharing!

At the time, Ford’s muscle car was the leading sports model. After being produced in secrecy in their Norwood, Ohio plant, on September 29, 1967, Chevrolet unveiled the Camaro, a car so unique that it is not, in fact, named after anything.

Acquired in 2016, this 1969 Camaro SS had a 4-speed Muncie perpetually getting stuck in second gear, enough rattles to make you think you were on a carnival ride (not a safe one, either), and a punch list best left in the archives.

After working through a few issues, a complete assessment from a competent shop resulted in the decision to pull the trigger on a new sub-frame and restoration. Check out the complete restoration process completed in 2019-2020.

This car now stands as a prime example of a classic Camaro brought to its full potential. Check out the build list and specs to see for yourself! (coming soon…)

Customers love this car!

4 years of ownership, 1 year of restoration

“... I can't believe the quality of this Camaro. The engine gleams. The ride quality was SOLID. Really takes me back to the hot rods I grew up with. Recommended!”
John dosh
“... Earl was a great host! I just loved the ride along and photo shoot for all the reasons you imagine! Awesome car! Great ride!”
george aniston

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